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By CornerstoneMD
February 26, 2019
Category: Weight Loss

Weight loss is no easy task—especially when it comes to those last 10 pounds. Though diet and exercise is the best way to a new you, Physician Guided Weight Losssometimes, you may need help from your doctor to both achieve and maintain your goal weight. Read on to learn more about the physician-guided weight loss provided by Dr. Carolyn Ross Riley at Corner Stone MD in Dallas, TX.

What is physician-guided weight loss?
Physician-guided weight loss with Metrim MD gives you the extra help you need when losing extra weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With customized care plans, nutritional counseling, and, if necessary, medications, not only can you lose your extra weight safely, but you can learn the importance of proper nutrition and exercise to keep it off, lower your body mass index (BMI), and reach your goals to feel great about the way you look.

Am I a candidate for physician-guided weight loss?
A good candidate for physician-guided weight loss with Metrim MD knows their weight loss goals in advance and has a clear target for how much weight they want to lose and by when they want to lose it. Maintaining a healthy weight is about a lifestyle change, not a one-time diet—accordingly, patients should be willing to commit to their plan, especially after they begin to see results.

Physician-Guided Weight Loss in Dallas, TX
If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight in the past or do not know the best way to do so, talk to your doctor about physician-guided weight loss. Together, you can come up with a weight loss plan to achieve your goal weight and safely lead a healthier lifestyle!

For more information on physician-guided weight loss, please contact Dr. Carolyn Ross Riley at Corner Stone MD in Dallas, TX. Call (469) 801-8480 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Riley today!

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